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Congrats to our new coaches Belynda Adams and Cliff Hindman!

We also have new students going through our Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) program who have been working very hard. To Steven Booth, Kamran Rab, Craig Sanders and Phillip Snell: keep up the hard work!

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08/20/2007 : The Jumpers at the Prattville Skydiving Center have been Quite Busy!

07/25/2007 : Goodbye Pell City, Hello Prattville

07/17/2007 : Alabama Skydiving Center Makes the Most of Rainy Weekend

07/02/2007 : Good Jumping Despite the Weather, Alabama Skydiving Center Moving

06/13/2007 : Alabama Skydiving Center Enjoys June Skydiving

06/06/2007 : Weekend Skydiving at Alabama Skydiving Center

05/30/2007 : A Weekend of Reaching New Heights at Alabama Skydiving Center

05/22/2007 : Spring Fling Boogie at Alabama Skydive Center

05/09/2007 : Jumpers at Alabama Skydiving Center Reach Goals with Determination and Teamwork

05/03/2007 : So Many Jumps, So Little Time...

04/23/2007: Another Exhilarating Weekend at Alabama Skydiving Center!

04/12/2007: A Weekend of Easter Jumps at Alabama Skydive Center

04/10/2007: Skydiver Enjoyed Cool Weather Saturday

03/29/2007: Spring is Here at Alabama Skydvie Center!

03/20/2007: Sunny Weekend at Alabama Skydiving Center!

03/15/2007: Summer Boogie at Alabama Skydiving Center!

03/13/2007: Warming Up at Alabama

03/06/2007: Weekend of Celebrations

02/28/2007: Eager to get started Saturday Morning!

02/19/2007: Accelerated Freefall Graduation!

02/02/2007: Saturday at Alabama Skydive Center

01/25/2007: Jumpers Prepare for Cold Weather

01/16/2007: Saturday's weather report

01/09/2007: Saturday's Weather, Jump or Not?

12/20/2006: Beautiful Weather at ASC !

12/12/2006: Christmas Party!

12/04/2006: Braving Out the Cold Really Pays Off!

11/29/2006: Turkey Weekend !

11/22/2006: Friday Night at the Anniston YMCA!

11/15/2006: Fun Saturday at Pell City!

11/5/2006: Weekend Jumps!

10/18/2006: Weekend Accelerated Freefall!

10/11/2006: Saturday Was a Great Day!

10/3/2006: Skydivers Enjoy a Beautiful Saturday!

09/20/2006: Farewell Boogie!

09/13/2006 : Congrats to our newest Accelerated Freefall graduates!

09/06/2006 : Great Labor Day Weekend Skydiving at Alabama Skydiving Center!

08/30/2006 : The Caravan is Here!

07/18/2006 : Alabama Skydiving Center Keeps Jumping Despite Storms and Heat

07/13/2006 : Saturday a Great Day for Skydiving At Alabama Skydiving Center

06/18/2006 : Alabama Skydiving Center Jumpers Flying High!

05/31/2006 : Alabama Skydiving Center Fills Memorial Day Weekend with Skydiving Fun

05/15/2006 : Alabama School for the Deaf Visits Alabama Skydiving Center

04/24/2006 : Alabama Skydiving Center Jumpers Get Their Thrills in the Wild Blue Yonder!

04/17/2006 : Alabama Skydiving Center Skydivers Spent Easter Weekend Hopping Through the Sky

04/10/2006 : Alabama Skydiving Center Up in the Air Again Last Weekend!

04/04/2006 : Alabama Skydiving Center Keeps Alabama Skies Busy

03/20/2006 : Alabama Skydiving Center Skydivers Fill the Alabama Skies!

03/15/2006 : Alabama Skydiving Center Wrings Excitement from the Southern Sky!

03/08/2006 : Alabama Skydiving Center Kicks Excitement Up a Notch

11/02/2005 : Alabama Skydive Center Won't be Kept on the Sidelines

10/21/2005 : Saturday's Sky Packed with Alabama Skydiving Center's Adventure Seekers

10/03/2005 : No Pit Stops at Alabama Skydiving Center

6/08/2005 : Full Weeekend of Skydiving at Alabama Skydiving Center

6/02/2005 : Great Skydiving on a Gorgeous Friday

5/26/2005 : Improvements Continue at Alabama Skydiving Center

5/18/2005 : Alabama Skydiving Center Celebrates Extended Skydiving Hours

4/21/2005 : Official Date Set for the First Friday of Skydiving

4/13/2005 : The Long Days of Skydiving at the Alabama Skydiving Center Are Back

4/8/2005 : Alabama Skydiving Center Gets a New Look

3/30/2005 : Weekend of Skydiving Accomplishments

3/23/2005 : Cloudy Skies Limit Skydiving

3/18/2005 : Texas hold em Saturday Night, Smooth Skydiving Sunday

3/10/2005 : Alabama Skydiving Center gives a great big congratulation to experienced Skydivers!

2/16/2005 : Blue Skies Make for Great Skydives at Alabama Skydiving Center

2/7/2005 : Beautiful Blue Skies over Alabama Skydiving Center

1/28/2005 : Alabama Skydiving Center Says Farewell to Natasha Mitchell

1/18/2005 : Canopy swooping and 2-way Formation Skydives Over Alabama Skydiving Center

1/12/2005 : Cloudy Skies at Alabama Skydiving Center.

12/27/2004 : New Years Skydiving.

12/27/2004 : December skydiving

12/02/2004 : New AFF Skydiving Instructor at Alabama Skydiving Center

12/02/2004 : Weather Slows Skydiving

11/12/2004 : Pilot Illness slowed jumps at DZ

11/02/2004 : Skydive Jumps, Texas Holdem and Weekend Fun

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10/26/2004 : Skydiving Leads to Kareoke Jam At Alabama Skydiving Center

Veiw Photos

10/17/2004 : Dancing At Alabama Skydiving Center

Veiw Photos

10/08/2004 : Alabama Skydiving Center "Snipe Hunt"

10/08/2004 : Alabama Skydiving Center's "Chick Boogie" a Great Success!

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09/22/2004 : Post Hurricane skydives Family Skydivers and 6ways!

09/22/2004 : Hurricane Ivan Brings Paragliding, Rollerskating, and skydiving to Alabama Skydiving Center!

09/17/2004 : Another great weekend of skydiving at Alabama Skydiving Center!

06/08/2004 : Another great weekend of skydiving at Alabama Skydiving Center!

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