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The Jumpers at the Prattville Skydiving Center have been Quite Busy!


The past weekend was a blast! The seven minute King Air with a stereo was here and ripping up to altitude. The weekend started slowly since a big group of jumpers attended Bridge day in West Virginia.  We had a couple of Students who made their first jumps on Saturday, good job guys. Sunday was busier so it was all fun and games in the sky.

Thad Rice showed up after a long vacation in Europe, and yes he is still the same. Shaun the old pilot also showed up to train Bill in the King Air. We did seven loads on Sunday, which included a six-way round with Nick, Brad, Janet, Cool Joe, Chuck, Radcliff and me on outside video. We turned three points and rotated two pieces, the pictures are amazing.. After that jump I want to go do some more “big belly” jumps, they’re so much fun.

 Chuck also made some coaching jumps with Steve, Me, Radcliff and Sean, and nick did one with Michelle. Everyone should take advantage and make a jump or two with Chuck, he is an amazing coach and pro-swooper, so everyone can learn something from him. Similar jumps with a coach like that, cost money and he is giving advice free of charge. You’re only hurting yourself by not jumping with him and not improving your skills, he helped Me and Amy a lot with our `sit-flying and Jeff is swooping seven feet instead of six.

  Congratulations to Michelle for buying new gear, YOU OWE BEER! Congratulations to Steve for flying over the fence into the brush, you’re the first to do that, you marked your territory! Also to Jeff, Amy, Chris, Todd, Bishop and Ryan for base-jumping and surviving, sounds like you guys had a blast. Hope to see everyone next week for another great weekend. The weather is nice so come out and jump.Yours Truly

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