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Directions to the Alabama Skydiving Center from New Orleans, LA

- Go Northeast on Decatur St toward St Ann Street (.12 miles)
- Turn slight right onto N Peters St (.38 miles)
- Stay straight to go onto Elysian Fields Ave (1.26 miles)
- Merge onto I-10 E (Passing through Mississippi, then crossing into Alabama (133.98 miles)
- Merge onto I-65 N via exit 20 on the left toward Montgomery (168.35 miles)
- Take the US-80 E/US-82 exit - exit 168 toward US-231/South Blvd/US-331 (.17 miles)
- Turn slight left to take the ramp toward US-31 (.04 miles)
- Turn left onto US-80 W/AL-21 S/AL-8 W/W South Blvd and continue to follow AL-21 S/AL-8 W/W South Blvd (.59 miles)
- AL-21 S/AL-8 W/W South Blvd becomes US-31 N/ West Blvd/ AL-3 N (4.12 miles)
- Turn Left onto Birmingham Hwy/US-31 N/AL-3 N and continue to follow US-31 N/AL-3 N (5.70 miles)
- Turn slight left onto US-82 W/AL-6 W (2.81 miles)
- Turn left onto AL-14/Selma Hwy and continue to folow AL-14 (2.13 miles)
- Turn right onto Grouby Airport Rd (.29 miles) - End at 143 Grouby Airport Rd Prattville

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