Many of the Thousands of first time skydivers that have made their skydives at Alabama Skydiving Center / Alabama Skydiving Center have taken the time to write down some of their thoughts about the Alabama Skydiving Center experience. Click the links below to read and better understand why ASC is the place to skydive

Donna Sills |
I just wanted to write and let y'all know I thought my experience was awesome. Never in my life have I had such a thrill. I am planning on adding skydiving to my budget!!! Reid really made my experience memorable. He kept me calm during the flight (which was the worst part) by explaining exactly what would be happening and when. Your well trained and expert staff are terrific. I look forward to my first solo!!!!

David Drennan CPA, CIA |
What a rush!!! Better than "anything I did" back in my college days, and all natural!!!! After my three jumps yesterday and graduating from the AFF program, I was pumped to the max. I didn't sleep much last night as I was re-living the jumps over and over in my mind. Thanks to all of you for the support, encouragement, superb instruction and professionalism. From day one I have never doubted my safety in your program. Your staff and associates are first class. I now live to skydive... party on.
I had a BLAST - so much so that I'm planning to return with a girlfriend of mine (she's actually jumped with you guys too). We were thinking about one of the "special" jumps! ;-) I'm not sure I remember my instructors name - I think it was Reid? If you can, tell him Sherry (the "conservative" one who got us extra free fall) and a friend are coming back next week.

Peggy Lamberson |
I thought you might find it amusing to know that, after having a great time on my first skydive Saturday and coming through without even so much as a pulled muscle, I went horseback riding the next day (something I've been doing for 30+ years), broke my nose and ended up in the ER. So much for definitions of dangerous sports! Thanks for a GREAT experience! I'll definitely be back!

Brian |
Thanks for the great memories. Our group of 8 this past Saturday morning at @ 7:00 a.m. had an incredible time. We found your staff to be most helpful and professional. I never imagined that jumping out of an airplane could have such a positive effect on my state of mind. You will see us again. Keep up the good work.

AL DellaPenna Jr. Brentwood NY A-31637
I just got back from my trip down south , and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my time at ASC . Your facilities were clean and very comfortable, great packing conditions. The king Air , is quite a impressive plane , having never jumped one (BEER), I was shocked how fast we got to altitude (14,900 ft wow). The thing that impressed me the most about my stay at ASC was the people , I know the south has been long known for their warm people , but the overall kindness and openness that was shown to me during my short stay was something I won't forget. You have a great DZ , and I hope to visit again real soon , as well as recommending your DZ to anyone.

Marisa Turner |
I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to have jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. It was the most Amazing experience of my entire life!! I have always been a thrill seeker, and this one definitely has been the best so far. Your friendly staff and instructors made me feel completely safe at all times. I remember feeling very nervous when I first arrived, but by the time I was called to jump, my instructor Mike had me feeling completely at ease, so much so that we even did flips coming out of the plane! (I highly recommend this!) I have told everyone I know about you center and my jump. I will be back with several others! I look forward to seeing y'all again soon. Thank you again for the experience of a lifetime!

Byron Simpson |
Just wanted to say thanks for a spectacular time and jump. It was the best experience of my life so far. Please tell Steve "Smash" Linton that the video was great as well. I have many people interested in coming up to experience Skydiving. I can't stop talking about it or showing the video-even at work!

Polo |
Hey guys what's up? Yesterday I had the privilege of jumping for the first time, and let me tell you, that is the most incredible thing I've done in my life. I thought about it and talked about it all day long today and I think I'll do so for the next several days too. The first time I went there Chris Stevens took me, but we couldn't finish the jump for weather reasons this was about 2 years ago. I JUST WANT TO TELL YOU GUYS THAT " YOU ROCK " and I can't wait to DO IT AGAIN !!!!!

Sue Lichvarcik |
I was at your facility to skydive this past Sunday and had the most enriching experience of my life! I was totally impressed with the professionalism of the whole operation and have highly recommended you to everyone I come into contact.I jumped with Mark. He, along with everyone else on the plane, made the whole experience wonderful. There was humor, which relaxed me and made the video quite an interesting one for anyone who has viewed it, and trust me it has been a lot of people. Anyone who may have had any apprehensions about skydiving have been sucked in by the video. Hopefully I can bring a group the next time I come. I work at Parisian and they even showed the video at a manager's meeting! Quite embarassing to me considering the funny slide in landing but thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. I wanted to tell Trey that all 24 pictures came out and were fabulous! And Mark, I can't begin to tell you the number of women who want to jump just seeing you in the video. Their favorite comment - "I would love to be attached to him." If you are looking for a relationship, I have a number of girls who would be waiting in line, my daughter included. All in all - very professional and very impressive!! I am saving my pennies to come back. I am still flying high!!!!! Thank you all for the safety and the experience of a lifetime. What a great culmination to my first 50 years of life! I will be back........

Greg Tigerman |
I still get adrenaline rushes.......I just wish they would come at times other than Tony ,Kelly, Pepsi and I really had a great time and it will always be one of the top experiences of my life. We are interested in attending your school we are trying to coordinate schedules right now. We will be in touch about our next jump! I have shown my video to scores of people and the response has been very favorable. I believe the next time we come we will have at least 4 new divers and possibly as many as 10. I took a couple of frames and had them blown up into poster size pictures and they really do generate lots of conversation. Again thanks for everything and we will be in touch.

Denise Haney |
I have to tell you again what an AWESOME experience that was!!!! I have shown my video to everyone (including all my Jazzercise students) and told all of them about your Skydiving Center, you will see many of them soon. I'm still working on my husband to try it and two of my three kids want to come, so I'm sure we'll be seeing more of y'all. I want to do it again and would love to take the steps to soloing, but have to see where finances are at the beginning of the year. Thanks again and look for a bunch of us in the future - I'm telling everyone!!!

Scott Smithwick |
Just wanted to thank everyone at ASC for making my first skydive a wonderful experience. Things couldn't have gone smoother and I hope to be jumping with you again real soon. Man 15,800 feet above the ground is a long way up.

Carrie Clark |
I did my first jump this past Saturday, May 27th, as part of my boyfriend, Gary Cleaver's, 40th birthday present. You guys may remember me, I am the one that had the extraordinary fear of heights. In fact, I wouldn't fly anywhere for the past ten years because of it. But thanks to my Tandem Jumpmaster, talking me through the entire experience, I actually did it and I loved it! I was extremely nervous as I was climbing into the plane. I thought I must be mental to be doing this. But now that I did it and I have the video to play over and over again, I am completely hooked. I have an addiction to skydiving and I am heading back there in one month when I come back to Atlanta to visit Gary. He is completing his levels 6 and 7. Everyone that has seen my video can't believe that I actually did it due to my fear of heights. I just smile and reply, "Yeah, it's unbelievable, isn't it?" If I can skydive, anyone can. You guys made it so comfortable and it all went so smooth that I can't wait to get back up in the sky again. And Cary...I hope you are with Gary on his 7th jump. I know you will take care of him for me. See you guys in a month!

Mary Gibeau |
I just wanted to share with you that I had the most incredible experience yesterday! Never have I been so in awe of God's creation. I had an awesome tandem instructor-his name was Mike (I don't have his last name). He was great and made my jump that much more fun. I absolutely can't wait to go again. Thanks for everything!

Mark E. Thurman
Gentlemen, I could not have had a better time. Your concern and professionalism made the adventure even better. Yes, I will most assuredly continue on the 7 jump program so that I can jump safely by myself. Skydiving is much more than I thought it was. Thank you again and if I can ever serve as a reference, please do not hesitate to use me. 770-985-9955 voice with voice mail

Terry McKoy |
I would like to express my sincere gratitude for making my first skydiving experience an exciting and enjoyable event. By far it was the best thrill I have ever experienced and the adrenaline rush was unbelievable. I have never experienced so many emotions (fear, excitement, joy, nervousness) at one time. The video and photos done on the day of my visit were extremely well done and I am enjoying them with my friends and family. Even though I comment about not being afraid during the video shoot......I must admit I was a little nervous as is evident by the look on my face during the plane ascent......okay maybe I came off as a little cocky during the video shoot. LOL ! :) Nevertheless, the level of hospitality and professionalism I encountered put all of my fears to rest. I would like to especially thank my tandem jumpmaster for playing such a vital role with this. He was very thorough and made the experience much more enjoyable. I would like to apologize for not being able to view the video with you and your staff due to time constraints, however, I will bring the video during my next visit. There are some pretty funny moments during the video especially when my tandem jumpmaster man handles me by removing my hand from the door of the aircraft just before we exit. Can you believe that guy had the nerve to do that ! LOL ! Just kidding. In all seriousness he was absolutely great. I would like to inform you that I do plan on attending the accelerated course and will contact you next week to inquire about details. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you soon !!!!

Sheila Haigler |
I wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed my first skydive. I recently attended the Alabama Skydiving Center on June 4 and made my first tandem jump. It was such an adrenaline rush. I loved it so much that I hope to be back before too long and bring some friends with me. I would like to thank my tandem instructor, Danny, for such a great first skydive. Not to forget the awesome job that Steve did on videoing my first jump. Thanks guys for such a great experience.

Thank you guys SO much for allowing me to have such an unforgettable experience. Today was the first of many jumps that I plan to make in the future. There's no explaining the feeling that overcomes you when you skydive!!! It's relaxing, exhilarating, and unbelieveable ALL AT ONCE!!! Can't wait for the next jump!! :)

Alabama Skydiving

Vance |
Thanks for your email. It was an incredible experience that I am definitely planning on doing again! Also, thanks for putting me on your email list; I would be interested in learning about upcoming events, etc. I've had the pictures of my first skydive developed, and they turned out really good. I must say that I was very impressed with my video also. Anyway, thanks for an experience that words cannot describe. I'll be in touch.

Bruce Holden |
I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you again for your assistance in making my first skydive a very enjoyable, successful, positive, and extremely memorable experience I look forward to repeating in October. I was so wore out last night from my adrenaline high that I've never been more relaxed. I also look forward to developing life long friendships with other skydivers. My wife has no interest in the sport but so far she seems to be supportive, although in a conservative way. One weekend a month is all she's willing to allow for now. When I retire from the reserves, that may have to change. What do other non-interested spouses do while their skydiver spouses are playing? Right now I'm planning on completing my level 2 & 3 on the 16th of October. I've been practicing my dive flow by going through the motions and calling them out as I do them. I know I have to do better each time in order to pass each level and I've set my mind to do just that. I want to earn my certification and enjoy the sport safely and not be a hazard to other skydivers. I appreciate yours and Gene's positive reinforcement and the confidence you all are building in me. That is a big plus I will tell all my friends about as I describe my exciting, adrenaline packed experience! I especially appreciate and remember the ride up to 14,800 feet. I was impressed that you were paying attention to what I was doing and that you took the time to ensure I was at ease and sure I wanted to jump. Then you asked me to go through what I was going to do during the jump. I was completely mentally prepared by the time we reached our spot. My first jump taught me more about myself and also that a Jumpmaster is an exceptionally experienced and skilled individual who can be trusted with your life. Actually, I had no doubt about the trust part even before we boarded the plane. You're an excellent instructor and I look forward to learning more as I continue my addiction with skydiving. I hope you are able to debrief me on my 2nd and 3rd levels and sign my logbook. PARTY ON GARTH! LET'S SKYDIVE!!!
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